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Our commitment to the guest is the most important for us

Hotel Klee we are committed to quality from many points of view, especially in the good treatment and attention to guests. If you choose to stay at our hotel, you will find that the profile of the staff and management will be willing to make your stay a time of pleasure and want to return, because that is our goal.Hotel Klee we are committed to meet your needs and offer solutions to all your queries and any difficulties. Hotel policy is to maintain fluid communication with the client at all times. This way we make sure to be in constant improvement.If you want to communicate with management may do so personally at set times or you can use the means that we leave then. We hope to hear your suggestions and contributions to grow together.Located one block from July 18, main avenue of Montevideo, Klee International Hotel is in perfect location to explore the city, shop, learn and enjoy the best services in the area.Due to the location of our hotel, we have great security for our guests as well as many entertainment options within walking distance.Casinos, cinemas, theaters, restaurants and much more await you in Montevideo to make you fully enjoy your stay.Access to our hotel is very direct both the Carrasco International Airport and the Port of Montevideo.You will also find nearby hotel locomotion necessary to reach international destinations such as Punta del Este or the beaches of Rocha.